An Instagram ad serves as a call to action for your landing page. Making excellent Instagram advertisements takes a lot of work.  But, the landing page is where your business happens. If a marketer hires an SMO Company in Delhi, they provide all services, including designing, developing, and reaching your target audiences.

Here are the six tips to construct an attractive landing page on Instagram:


  1. Make it scannable

Audience focus lasts just eight seconds in this frantic digital age.  Express your message swiftly. To grab the viewer's attention, make the text on your landing page simple to skim and comprehend. If you can express a concept more with an infographic or a statistic, your content looks more concise and compelling.


  1. Be it Eye-catching

The content is everything on your landing page that creates a call to action. It should be clear to know the purpose of the landing page and how customers should respond. Remove the links that could divert the customer action easily. Keep a killer CTA button to make it stand out and be well-displayed. It helps the consumer to do the next step.


  1. Show social proof

Social proof is essential as it will be excellent evidence to why consumers buy your product. An influencer's testimonial, consumer ratings, the number of users, downloads, subscriptions, and more are all examples of social proof. Share true, precise facts from actual individuals about your product or service uniqueness. This gives your products or services more credibility and assures potential buyers of their worth.



  1. Make the worth of something obvious.

Make it clear how valuable your offer is. It should explain why a customer should act immediately, why they should select yours over a rival, and how you can make the offer distinctive. Give concrete instances when describing the value of your offer.  Be specific about how you differ from your competition.


  1. Message Matching

Message matching ensures that your messages are matched with what you have conveyed. Otherwise, customers are confused and frustrated by this bait-and-switch. They're not likely to remain around if you offer a free program but direct them to a landing page advertising a premium version.


  1. Ensure that the visual experience is as seamless as possible.

For your brand's identity as well as a pleasant browsing experience, visual consistency is essential. The aesthetic and feel of your landing page should match that of your Instagram ad and website. Use images and typefaces that are similar to those in your advertisements. This degree of consistency improves your chances of closing a deal.



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