Nitso Technologies is a reliable and reputable software company in India for payroll software for HRMS. We will assist you in automating all of your payroll management software and HRMS software. We also offer software to monitor employees as well as hrms on the cloud. Fixed Asset Management Software and Payroll outsourcing.

Accounting Solutions and ERP

Nitso Software for HRMS can be seamlessly integrated with accounting software as well as your ERP software to make sure that correct data is saved across all databases, with no duplicates or errors.

The cloud HRMS Integration is performed in real-time which means that payroll information will be replicated within the accounting software with no delay.

Biometric Attendance Integrations

All kinds of attendance devices and systems can be easily integrated into the program, including biometric devices such as card readers, and facial recognition cameras.

You can use Focus AI to provide quick safe and secure logins via face recognition.


Nitso allows you to build an on-cloud HRMS system to modernize the daily HRMS functions in one place. They include core HR functions, an employee payroll management system and Expenses as well as Employee Management and Collaborations Recruitment, etc.

A Comprehensive Talent Hub

A complete tool for HR managers to efficiently recruit the best talent, and manage, build and motivate their employees through transparency as well as security and fun.

Seamless Accessibility

Utilize your precious time with the cloud-based structure of Nitso HRMS software for payroll Access it from anywhere and at any time - with no delays or failures.

We also offer software to employee monitoring softwarefixed asset management software as well as Payroll outsourcing.