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JACOB & CO. ASTRONOMIA FLAWLESS new model, unique work

Jacob & Co.'s Astronomia Flawless watch continues to impress people with the many meanings behind its new Astronomia name.

"Flawless" not only refers to the impeccable appearance of the watch, but also the highest level of diamond clarity in the Gemological Institute of America's diamond grading standards. For a diamond to be declared flawless, no inclusions or blemishes should be visible under a 10x magnifying glass. Therefore, flawlessness is an appropriate benchmark for Jacob & Co.'s evolutionary interpretation of the iconic sapphire case of the Astronomia series. Replica Jacob & co astronomia sky watches

Jacob Arabo, the founder of Jacob & Co., has cleverly combined the complex world of fine jewelry and fine watchmaking in Astronomia Flawless. This horological masterpiece has a flawless 2.88 carats in its new image for 2019. The diamond is on top of the amazing astronomical movement.

Since the launch of the first Astronomia in 2014, the large sapphire crystal case has been a consistent design element of Jacob & Co.'s Astronomia series. The transparency of the case allows the movement of the gravity three-axis tourbillon to be clearly visible from multiple angles. angle. In the spirit of continuous improvement, Astronomia Flawless uses Astronomia Flawless's monolithic sapphire crystal case to increase transparency. The exquisite craftsmanship of the whole piece of sapphire crystal creates the illusion that the complicated functions inside the case float effortlessly in mid-air. Replica gents watches

In order to achieve this appearance, many components in this series were previously made of precious metals, but instead are made of sapphire crystal. These changes add considerable complexity to the new watch, because only 15 separate steps are required to make the middle of the case, which requires approximately 326 hours of working time, while the back of the case requires approximately 297 hours of working time. Add in the 288 hours required to produce the dome crystal that is evident in all Astronomia models, and you will understand why this year's Astronomia Flawless is a unique piece.

The core of Astronomia Flawless is excellent timepiece craftsmanship. Jacob & Co. is famous for its excellent timepiece craftsmanship. The three-axis tourbillon counteracts the effect of gravity on the moving parts of the movement, because the tourbillon frame rotates in 60 seconds and completes a circle in 2.5 minutes, while the entire tourbillon rotates a full circle around the central axis of the watch in 10 minutes .buy watches online

The 1-carat, 288-faceted Jacob Cut® diamond and magnesia-painted blue globes all spin in 30 seconds and move around the dial in 10 minutes along with the tourbillon and time display. Jacob & Co.'s patented differential gear system allows the time display to remain at 12/6 o'clock regardless of where it is rotating.

technical details
Model: Astronomia
Flawless model: AT125.80.AA.UA.A
Caliber: manufactured by Jacob&Co. Manual winding JCAM24
Diameter: 40mm; Height: 17.15mm
Material: titanium; rose gold finish; sapphire barrel bridge
Components: 367; Functions: hours and minutes
System: 4 arms move vertically around the central axis within 10 minutes
Rotation • Gravity three-axis tourbillon, the first
The frame rotates in 60 seconds, the second frame rotates in 2.5 minutes • 1 carat exclusive Jacob Cut® diamond: 288 facets, rotation in 30 seconds
• Magnesia blue paint surface, it rotates within 30 seconds;
• Hours and minutes dial, patented differential gear system ℗ allows to maintain 12/6 o'clock position
• Top: Diamond (2.88 carats)
Power reserve: 60 hours; Frequency: 21'600 vibrations/hour (3 Hz); Jewelry: 42
Finishes: plates and bridges: tilted and polished by hand, painted on the side,
Round texture, polished sink, a sapphire bridge; polished
Screw; barrel: round texture; pinion: conical pinion; 4 machines
Ball bearing device; flat hairspring.

Watch case
Diameter: 50mm; height: 25.45 mm
Material: Sapphire double anti-reflective treatment table
Back: Sapphire double anti-reflective treatment silver metallization
Bow: 18K rose gold winding and time setting; Crystal: unique domed sapphire, double
Anti-reflection treatment
Waterproof: 30m

Titanium; hands: blue finish

Alligator leather; Clasp: Titanium folding clasp


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