The healthcare industry has evolved into an area of opportunity for implementing technology to improve the business process and work processes and to achieve scalable success
In the wake of the emergence of new trends and solutions for software development for healthcare professionals, it is not difficult to see the growth of custom software that incorporates a variety of different technologies.
Stats Related to the Future of Tech in the Healthcare Industry
According to Statista the revenues of IoT-based solutions for the health industry is anticipated to grow by $135 billion from the $24 billion it earned in 2016, to by 2025.
Accenture said AI applications could cut down the cost of healthcare by 150 USD billion per year by 2026.
According to The Business Wire report, Fitness App Global Market is predicted to exceed $23.98 billion in 2026. This is with a an annual growth rate of 23.8 percent.
What is Healthcare Software Development?
Sometimes the phrases "healthcare" and "medical software" are often used interchangeably. Both operate in similar but distinct fields. Medical software that is customized can be used to track, monitor, and assess medical condition of the patients to provide the highest quality of care.
Medical and healthcare services that are custom-designed are typically designed to improve the effectiveness and quality of healthcare services such as medical education storage of databases, equipment planning, diagnosis and research.
Thus, customized health software design is tied to a variety of aspects that are crucial to solving issues within healthcare organizations and for fostering healthy relationships between healthcare professionals and patients.
Robust healthcare software will improve the experience of patients by establishing a connection between hospitals, patients, pharmacies as well as various other health care providers.
Reasons to Invest in HealthTech for Your Organization
Enhanced Data Security
Excellent Patient Care
Increased Efficiency
Greater ROI
How Custom Software Development companies will help to transform healthcare industry
Technology has played an integral role in the field of healthcare. So, we've listed certain areas that have been impacted by the introduction and development of software that is custom-designed:
Advanced Diagnosis
Increased Growth Chances
An Integrated System
Health Apps for Mobile Devices
Healthcare Standards Improvisation
Accessible for Multiple Platforms