Farming implements now have an unsurpassed need. Every farming activity today requires highly efficient implements like power tillers, ploughs, power weeders, etc., to carry out tasks while saving time, effort, and money.


Power tillers are emerging farming implements that carry a range of activities, from sowing and planting seeds to spraying water & fertilisers. Besides these, farmers can use them for transporting crops, threshing, and harvesting, where the land size is relatively small.


VST is a reliable brand amongst power tillers. Let’s list the top 2 VST power tillers available in India.





  VST 130 DI is a 13 hp power tiller with 405 kg weight and has an efficient 11 litres fuel tank capacity. With 600mm tilling width, 150mm tilling depth and 220 mm plough depth, farmers get great accuracy during fieldwork. This one is durable for paddy applications. It is highly suitable for performing tilling activities in small gardens and yards. The price of this power tiller starts from Rs 1.5 lakhs in India.



VST Kisan is a powerful 40-hp power tiller with a highly efficient 11-litre fuel tank capacity. This farming implement is highly suitable for rugged & difficult terrains or fields for long hours of operations. This model offers 16 tynes with 150 mm tilling depth and 220 mm plough depth for precise and detailed work. The price of this power tiller starts from Rs 1.35 Lakh*, which is highly economical given its range of features.


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