During the pandemic, the government implemented lockdowns in many places. This made the people unable to move out of their homes. This led to an incredible rise in the number of online shoppers worldwide. Now people are getting used to this culture as it is more convenient to buy the desired product with the comfort of their cozy space.


Amazon clone app is an e-commerce platform that allows businesses to display their products so that the users can choose the required product from an ocean of options available in the app. 


Though there are many e-commerce platforms in the market, the app that offers the utmost benefits can potentially gain a vast number of users swiftly. If you are an entrepreneur looking ahead to get into an e-commerce app dvelopment, it is vital to have the key features in your app that can enhance the user experience.


Impeccable Features Of Amazon Clone App

Advanced search bar

With an advanced search bar, users can easily spot the desired product with ease. This feature plays a key role in retaining the users in your app. Allow your users to enhance their search with various filters.


Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking widely helps to keep the users updated about the arrival of the product. It shows the precise movement of the product until it reaches the doorstep.


Multiple payment options

Users can have wide payment options so that they can choose the most convenient gateway. Users can simply sync their mobile wallet or bank account for secure and swift payments.


Integration of social media

Apart from purchasing online, users can also share their favorite products with anyone via social media platforms. This tends to increase user engagement.


Review and rating

Upon successful delivery of the product, user can share their experience with the app and review the product so that the upcoming users can have knowledge of it.


Push notifications

To retain the users in your app, it is important to constantly update them with all the updates regarding the app, promotions, offers, and discounts.



Users can save their products on their wishlist to see them anytime later and order. A number of products can be added to the wishlist.


Wrap up,

This is just a gist about the Amazon clone app and its features. Get going with the best Amazon clone in the market and grab your space in the e-commerce industry right away. To explore more about e-commerce app development, visit us soon.