Those who choose romantic getaways in Europe earn the treasure of lovable memories. For the top honeymoon destinations across the globe, Europe surely tops the list. This continent has everything that can make a heart grow fonder and a bond stronger. 

The sinfully gorgeous places, scenic beauties, marvelous adventures, intimate staying options everything constitutes to make Europe the best choice for a romantic getaway with your partner. Thus, the unmistakable allure of Europe attracts thousands of couples every year. And thus, they visit this continent for an imperfectly perfect honeymoon. 

If you are looking for a perfect honeymoon destination in Europe, this article has got you covered. Europe has a large number of choices that can overwhelm you easily. Hence, we are bringing the top honeymoon destination in Europe in one place. So, you can know about them and pick up your ideal match. Book a Flight from London to USA at a cheap price.

Let’s know the answer to what are the top honeymoon destinations in Europe

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Experience the heavenly beauty on earth at the Amalfi Coast, Italy. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site covering 34 miles of majestic terrain. Enveloped with the luscious green, vibrantly colored towns, and mesmerizing flora and fauna, this place is perfect for an intimate romantic experience. 

Ancient Villas with ocean views of the Alpeno Town are the perfect place to spend some romantic evenings.

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Moscow City, Russia

The magnificent capital of Moscow, Moscow city is the perfect destination for your first romantic getaway. One of the most gorgeous cities in Russia, the city is home to some of the highest skyscrapers of Russia. Surprise your partner at the top of these, or just experience the scenic beauty of Moscow City from here.

The center of the city lights up with beautiful lights during the night. Making it the perfect time for a romantic long walk. Or just a ride around the city would do wonders. 

Moselle Valley, Germany

Home to the most impressive sceneries of Germany, Moselle Valley lies in its southwestern region. The dreamy villages, mesmerizing freshwater rivers, and rugged hills are studded jewels in the city's beauty. 

Enveloped with luscious forests away from the dazzling city lights and loud traffic, Moselle Valley is the perfect space for an intimate romantic getaway. Don’t forget to taste the amazing Reisling Wines with your partner. 

Suzdal, Russia

Straight out from a romantic Disney movie, Suzdal feels like a beautiful dream. Covered in snow from all around the town has all the calm among worldly chaos. Making it the perfect place to grow your bond further and stronger.

Situated 250km away from Moscow, Suzdal is also known as the Golden Ring Town. The city becomes more beautiful at night, shining with bright pastel color lights. Stay in the house made of wood and spend your nights beside a bonfire. Away from city noises and vibrance, this town will make you feel like some ancient king or queen. The low mobility is also an attractive feature of Suzdal to select it as your honeymoon destination.

Berchtesgaden, Germany

Land in the wonderland covered with snow in the southeastern part of Germany. Berchtesgaden looks like a beautiful dream meeting its reality. The long hiking trails and picturesque scenery will make you fall in love with this place.

If you are your partner love adventures, then skiing at the mesmerizing white hills or hiking them up together could be one of the best experiences. Spend your evening sipping wine out of a fancy glass sitting next to the fire with warmth in your heart.

Edinburg, Scotland

The home of sensational spirits and the joyous feels, Edinburg, Scotland is the place where romance lives. With the gorgeously compact dining scenes, marvelous architectural pieces, historic museums, and beautiful greens, everything about Edinburg contains love and intimacy.

Taking your partner on a shopping spree here could be the best treatment. If you love art then the galleries here would only make it you fonder. The city is perfect for both bourbon and wine dates. So, plan what your partner likes and grow your love with a lovely surprise.

Slowinski, Poland

The land of gigantic sand dunes that travel by air and keep changing their place and shapes, Slowinski offers some intimate getaway opportunities. Spend a day at the Slowinski national park and spend time amid the luscious greens and amazing flora and fauna.

Visit the exquisite open-air museum and take a stroll at the shores of the Baltic Sea at night. Take direct flights to Poland from USA to visit this amazing place.

London, England

The English land, London, always stays covered with luscious beauty. The paddleboat rides, or the mountain hikes, name anything you love, and London will present it to you. If you and your partner share a love for food then the lobster tarts and scotch eggs will steal your heart away.

An antidote to agony, London is the perfect place to fall in love. Spend your days strolling around the city and get mixed up with the crowd. Visit historical sites to taste London’s legacies. If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan, then add Baker's Street to your list. Otherwise, visit the King’s Cross station to see the 9 ¾ stations, because who isn’t a Harry Potter fan? Book a Flight from USA to London at a cheap price.

Malbork, Poland

A compact old town of Poland with exquisite sceneries, Malbork is perfect for an intimate romantic experience. The town holds the famous Gothic Castle, a spectacular architectural and historical peace that took 230 years to complete.

The castle is subdivided into 3 small castles and the biggest brick castle around the globe. Let your partner feel like royalty by taking them here for a visit. The people in Malbork are super welcoming and ensures that the tourist has the best time of their life while visiting the town.

Tenerife, Spain

Perfect place for an Espanol romantic vacation, Tenerife is the land of rocky, rugged beaches. Witnessing the sun's rays throughout the year, Tenerife has gorgeous restaurants, picturesque sceneries, and opportunities filled with entertainment. 

Take long romantic walks on the mesmerizing white sand beaches. Eat the local delicacies at Arte Del Gusto. Go hiking on Spain’s tallest mountain and watch the city from the top. The experience would be no short than magic, making you feel alive and in love at once. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The city of some gorgeous water canals, Amsterdam, is the perfect destination to celebrate the union of love. A long romantic boat ride with your partner will give you enough time to know both the city and him/her better. If you want something grand, a cruise through the canals is always better.

Take a salon boat for an intimate experience. Visit the historical sites and buildings of importance. A boat ride during the night makes everything more romantic. If you don’t love the idea, then sunsets would be perfect for you. 

Paris, France

Honeymoon in Paris is on the bucket lists of almost half of the couples across the globe. One of the most popular French cities, Paris, is an ideal honeymoon location. And watching Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower is one of the most romantic experiences available on the earth. 

Enjoy the fine architectural design of the Louvre Museum or have long walks on the beautifully cemented streets. Spend a day visiting the Notre Dame de Paris and dine at a gorgeous restaurant at night. Relieve your childhood at Disneyland Paris and treasure the best moments to be.

Madrid, Spain

If you are serious about choosing the best honeymoon destination for your partner, then the name of Madrid must have crossed your mind a few times. This urban chic city with all the sparkling lights, Madrid is the perfect place to be. 

Spend your nights partying and busting at new clubs and bars daily. The Topas and Copas of the city will make you fall for Madrid. Visit the galleries and explore Madrid through a bicycle ride around. Long romantic walks are the best way to sparkle new flames of love. 

The Cary Arms, UK

In the Cary Arms, they say, you ring a bell and the friendly dolphins pay a visit. This place sets the stage to know your loved one better and provides you ample opportunities, making your heart grow fonder. Rent a quarter with a picturesque view to spend the best time with your partner.

The glorious pubs serve new joyous memories. Take spa sessions together or just shop at the local market. Buy your partner some gorgeous flowers. Spend a day fishing and boating in the waters. A day picnic near the beach could be one of the best options.

Dordogne, France

Dordogne is sinfully gorgeous with the best scenic beauty in France. Enveloped with luscious greens, this place is perfect to unleash your love. The Pyrenees mountains and the amazing Loire Valley are a match made in heaven. And your stay here won’t be less than a heavenly experience.

Spend a day kayaking on River Venère or go visit the Calviac Zoological Reserve with your partner. Dordogne is filled with amazing opportunities offering you and your partner a great time. Also, unveil your love while unveiling the prehistoric caves in the town.