When it starts with the use of machines for increasing crop productivity, the tractor implements in today’s arable farming are major verticals. At the same time, the trolley can be used to transport crops, seeds, yield, and harvest of farmland. In this blog, we will discuss the usage of tractor trolleys and seed drills in increasing the productivity of a crop.


What is a seed drill, and how is it important in increasing crop productivity


A seed drill is a tractor implement and is used in improvising seeding facilities on agricultural land. A seed drill is mostly utilized in grain crop seeding, cultivation, and harvest. The following are components of a seed drill machine.


  • Frame 
  • Seedbox 
  • Furrow Openers
  • Seed metering mechanism 
  • Transport wheels


A seed drill helps in the even distribution of seeds in prepared farmland while cultivation making it easier and faster as compared to a conventional seed drill. Thereby increasing crop productivity to a large extent.


What’s a tractor trolley, and how is it important in increasing crop productivity?


A tractor trolley is a carrier (implement) used in crop seeding, cultivating, & harvesting. A trolley is used to carry seeds, fertilizers, etc., to and from farmland. Henceforth reducing labour costs and time, and at the same time increasing productivity.


Some final thoughts

This blog discussed the usage of seed drills and tractor trolleys in increasing crop productivity. We acknowledged that crop productivity due to the tractor trolley and seed drill has increased significantly. Hence, it is wise to use these implements in daily life farming practices.