Every day many marketers launch their websites, publish updates or release new features. It’s evident that they get interested to know the visitors’ interaction.

People usually interact with the website by taking some form of action, such as clicking or tapping. 

By click tracking, we mean tracking where the users are clicking and what they are clicking. Knowing your customers’ behavior can help you to offer the best experiences.

In this blog, we will give you more information about click tracking and how it can benefit your business.

What is click tracking?

Click tracking is an analytics feature that lets you know where people have clicked or tapped on your websites or emails. 

user behavior analytics tool can help you record your customers’ mouse clicks counter online and taps on the different elements of your website. 

This data is represented in different forms, such as graphically or visually, numerically, or in individual sessions. There are various click tracking software or tools available in the market. 

Marketers, researchers, and analyzers can use them to understand and know the users’ engagement. It can also assist them in identifying any confusing design elements or website issues. 

click tracking

Benefits of click tracking, and how can you use it?

WebMaxy Analyzer is a website tracking tool that can help you to track your visitors’ behavior. 

However, there are different types of click tracking, such as email click tracking, link tracking, UX click tracking, etc. 

Email click tracking 

Email click tracking aids you in knowing how many people have clicked on the email and opened it. It also gives information on how many links within the email got clicked. 

Most email marketing tools embed tracking pixels in the email messages that help you know who has opened, clicked, or subscribed. 

This feature can aid marketers in knowing what type of content works the best and what users like or subscribe to. They can also run A/B email campaigns to know the best subject lines and the emails that get the most response or clicks.

Example of email click tracking report. 

click track

Link Tracking 

Link tracking is the method of analyzing and measuring link clicks. The most popular link tracking method is UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tracking code. 

The UTM tracking code is added to the URLs and helps identify various things like traffic sources, campaign names, etc. 

For example, if you landed on a page from Facebook or Twitter, the URL you see in your browser has the source name where you came from.

For example:

webmaxy.co/blog/click-tracking? UTM_Source= LinkedIn

Sample image 

click tracking

Link tracking can help you know from where the traffic is coming and how much. This way, you can evaluate which different marketing campaigns are working and which are not.

UX click tracking  

UX click tracking helps you know how people engage and interact with your website. These real insights can assist you in improving your customers’ experience. 
WebMaxy’s heatmap tool can help you track and record visitors’ clicks on the website page. It can be anywhere on the website, from images to links, HTML elements or white spaces, etc.

heatmap tool

heatmap is a graphical representation of all the clicks and taps on the website page. By observing them, you can better understand what and where your users are clicking.

You can identify the hot spots and cool areas of your website. You can also understand the most engaging elements and which components divert the users’ attention. 

Click track heatmaps provide crucial information on the click patterns of visitors on the website. Additionally, you can use session recordings to know more in detail about your visitors. 

Session recordings can help you show your users’ real-time behavior and directly observe their clicks, mouse moments, and taps. 

This quantitative and qualitative data analysis can aid you in enhancing your UX and marketing strategies. 


How can website click tracking benefit businesses?

Click track can help marketers to get accurate data insights and improve their marketing strategies.

Here we have given how click tracking can benefit businesses. 

1. Know what works and what doesn’t

Click tracking can help businesses know their users’ activity on the website. They can uncover crucial factors like the components they interact with,  CTAs and site links, etc. 

By looking at the heatmaps, marketers can understand if the website’s key elements are getting visitors’ attention or clicks. If the main section is not getting good engagement, then you can consider making significant changes.

click track heatmaps

For example, this heatmap shows us that the customers are using the above navigation bar to visit different sections. From this data, we can understand that the navigation bar adds good value to the users’ journey.  

2. Identify errors and bugs. 

Click track heatmaps can help you identify errors that you won’t find otherwise. For example, you can identify the image or design elements that seem like a button but are not clickable. You can also get to know the links that are broken or are not working properly. 

Heatmaps can help you track down what stops users from converting into customers and going further in the sales funnel. By knowing the confusing or rage-clicking areas, you can make UX improvements. 

3. Improve conversion rate 

You can utilize a mouse click counter online to get new ideas for your website design. You can also execute A/B testing to measure how successful your design alterations are. Implementing A/B testing can help optimize your efforts and improve your conversion rate.

For example, a scroll map can help you see till where the users have scrolled down. If you have placed your CTA button at the end of the web page and you see the maximum clicks there. It means that your users have to scroll down a lot to find the CTA button.

Here, you can ease your customer journey by simply putting up the CTA button above. 

click tracking software

Discovering these aspects and making crucial changes can help boost your website conversion rate. This confers that click heatmaps and scroll maps can aid in CRO (Customer Rate Optimization).  

How to set up click tracking for your website with WebMaxy Analyzer 

In this section, we will tell you how you can set up click track heatmaps for your website with WebMaxy Analyzer easily. 

How to start with WebMaxy Analyzer? 

You can start by signing up if you don’t have a WebMaxy Analyzer account. You can try WebMaxy free trial version as well.

There you will get a tracking code that you have to install on the backend of your page. This tracking code will help you gather accurate customer insights.

Here’s how you can easily set a heatmap for your webpage with WebMaxy Analyzer.

  1. Go to the WebMaxy dashboard and click on Analyze. 
website click tracking

Once you have logged into your WebMaxy Account, click on the ‘Analyze’ option in the sidebar. 

2. Click on the ‘Heatmap’.

user behavior analytics tool

Click on the ‘Heatmap,’ and a page like the one below will appear. 

website tracking tool

Now, on the right-hand side of the page, you will see the ‘Create New Heatmap’ option. Click on the ‘Create New Heatmap.’ 

3. Creating New Heatmap

user behavior

Give a title to your heatmap and add the URL of the page that you want a heatmap for. Save the heatmap, and it will start collecting the visitors’ data.

4. Viewing the Heatmap 

Go to the heatmap page, there you will see the list of all the heatmaps that are live on the website.

heatmap software

Click on the three-dot icon to see the ‘View’ option for the heatmap. By clicking on the ‘View’, you will get to see the heatmap of that page.

heatmap tools

Want to know how your visitors interact with your website?

WebMaxy Analyzer is a user behavior analytics tool that can help you know how your users engage and interact with your website.

There are various features in it, such as heatmaps, session recordings, surveys, etc, that can aid you in getting a 360-degree view of your visitors. 

User behavior analytics tool can help businesses to offer an excellent user experience. To set up click track heatmaps for your website, schedule a call with our experts, or email us at sales@webmaxy.com

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