Another common fridge mistake is making too much noise when the refrigerator is running. If the refrigerator is making noise when it is running, there is a problem. The first thing we check is the refrigerator fan motor. Another common freezer mistake is freezing in the freezer. This problem is common in refrigerators and especially affects the cooling capacity of the refrigerator. Cold air cannot circulate inside the refrigerator due to freezing. At this point we need to check the refrigerator's thermostat and sensors. Is your washing machine broken?
Toronto Fridge Repair

If the problem is not with the sensor or thermostat, we will use other avenues. Another very common refrigerator failure is when the refrigerator blows a fuse in the room. The first fault that comes to mind here is a shorted capacitor and motor. An overheating refrigerator is one of the most common refrigerator failures we come across.

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