My radio Netherlands" is what you can call a unique traveling radio show. It's a program that feature original content from the Netherlands and presents it to you through seven different . This is actually the second most listened to radio show in the Netherlands after "rolleys". You can listen to your favorite music from the 50's right through to modern day music. And at times it is also a radio show that features a musical artist instead of a DJ taking to the microphone.

This unique radio station started out in 2021 and went on to become one of the most listened to radio programs in the Netherlands. It went on to be watched by millions of people across Europe. In fact in some cases it was viewed in the U.S. as well! All because someone saw a potential and thought that this would be a fun form of traveling entertainment.

If you want to be entertained by music then this is the radio for you. They play music from around the world and you can even request specific songs to play. And this is all stored on their proprietary on-demand CDR's. So, when they have a selection to choose from they will call you and tell you which song you can listen to straight away. Now that's dedication and commitment to your favorite music!

Radio Netherlands on the other hand plays music from around the world, but on a much smaller scale. Each radio shows a different genre of music. As with "My radio Netherlands", there are requests for specific music from your home country. For example, if you ask for "de la Meuse" from France, they will play it. So if you love French music then this station will provide it to you.

But what does "My radio Netherlands" have in store for you? Well, firstly they are committed to bringing you news and information from all over the world. This includes everything from local news to international news. Also, on air you can expect to find great music and talk shows. On some radio channels they will feature bands from other countries, so you never know whose music you are going to be hearing next. Most radio stations in the Netherlands will also allow listening to other radio stations as well, which means you can combine your radio Netherlands experience with a trip to another country.

The best thing about My radio Netherlands is that you get to choose from two completely separate radio stations. This way you can enjoy both sides of the coin in one place. I am not saying that My radio Netherlands is better than X station or vice versa, what I am trying to say is that it gives you a broader radio experience. If you have always wanted to hear news from your own country, but don't have time to sit down and listen, this is the perfect solution for you.