When getting married, wedding dresses are the top priority! Many brides are confused about how many clothes should be prepared for the wedding. Today, Changsha Wedding Dress Rental Editor will talk about how many wedding dresses to wear on the wedding day and give you some suggestions.

Prepare several wedding gowns on the wedding day

In fact, the number of clothes that the bride should prepare for the wedding is mainly to match the wedding process design. Therefore, there is really no fixed conclusion on this question! After all, the wedding process is different for different weddings, and the number of clothes required is also different, so everything depends on your wedding process to prepare the wedding dress!


Generally, what we hear is that we prepare three sets of wedding gowns, namely, the going-out dress, the main wedding dress and the toast dress. This is because generally Chinese weddings are divided into three parts: wedding reception, wedding ceremony and wedding toast.

Sophie's famous wedding dress series

Part I: When welcoming guests, the bride will wear a Xiuhe dress or go out the gauze

Part II: When the wedding ceremony is about to begin, the bride puts on the main wedding dress to complete the wedding ceremony

Part III: When toasting guests at the wedding banquet, the bride puts on an evening dress

Here, by the way, we will introduce some common yarn selection techniques, which are suitable for most brides. Take three dresses as an example. Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose a light and appropriate style that is easy to move, such as ground levelling yarn, A-shape, Xiuhe clothes, dragon and phoenix jackets, etc. It is not only convenient to walk but also does not pick the body. The main wedding dress mostly chooses the tail style, * * with the headdress. As for the final toast, the style is not limited, but it is recommended to be light.

If you are afraid of trouble, the bride can also prepare two sets of clothes: the main wedding dress and toast clothes. On the morning of the wedding day, the bride puts on her wedding dress at her home or hotel. This wedding dress is worn from the wedding reception to the end of the wedding ceremony. After the wedding ceremony, you can put on prepared Chinese clothes or small gowns and toast the guests until the wedding banquet is over.

Of course, this process can also be divided into four sets of wedding dresses, namely, go-out clothes, main wedding dress, toast clothes and customer service. Before the wedding ceremony starts, the bride will wear her go-out clothes. At the beginning of the wedding ceremony, the bride puts on the main ceremony wedding dress. During the toast, the bride put on a Chinese dress and then changed into a relaxed Western dress when seeing off guests.

The bride who is not afraid of trouble can also prepare five dresses. They are wedding dress, welcome dress, main wedding dress, toast dress and customer service. The wedding reception wore a set of Xiuhe clothes, and then wore a set of welcome dresses when greeting guests. Before the wedding ceremony, put on the main wedding dress to attend the wedding ceremony. This design can give guests the unexpected effect of wearing wedding dresses. When toasting, change into a light dress. After all activities on the wedding day, the bride will change into customer service.


Having said so much, do you want to wear several kate middleton wedding dress? In fact, I want to tell all brides that you should confirm the wedding process according to local customs, and then determine how many sets of wedding dresses they want to wear. Generally speaking, two to three sets are * appropriate! The wedding day is already tiring, and many brides will also be tired.