Transferring Bitcoin to a bank account is the most convenient way to turn crypto into fiat money. The usual procedure is to sell Bitcoin on a crypto exchange and then transfer the cash into your bank account. But the main problem is that majority of online cryptocurrency exchanges put a huge sum of money in terms of transactions and hidden fees. Also, you need to complete a complicated KYC (Know Your Customer) process which involves uploading personal documents on the exchange to create an account.

Obviously, no one has this much time to wait for days to get started with Bitcoin to cash conversion. If you're wondering how to withdraw money from the Blockchain wallet to a bank account, then the popular cryptocurrency service makes it hassle-free to cash out bitcoins.

You can sell bitcoin for fiat (USD, AUD, EURO, and JPY) at the best selling price without paying any hidden fees. Besides, you can withdraw Bitcoin to a bank account anonymously which means that there is no need to reveal all personal information. The platform gives you the highest liquidity and the best exchange rates. You can deposit Bitcoin into a bank account or choose any payment method to get paid.

Our service makes the process of exchanging Bitcoin for cash fast, instant, and simple. Just provide the amount of Bitcoin you wish to sell, choose bank transfer (ACH, SEPA, SWIFT) as the payment method, send bitcoins and withdraw funds to your account within minutes. In addition to that, if you're giving a thought to own some cryptocurrencies, you can also buy Bitcoin with a bank account.

All you need is to link the bank account with the exchange, transfer cash and receive bitcoins in your wallet. But make sure that you've got a crypto wallet to hold bitcoins. Putting it simply, the BTC to USD converter makes Blockchain trading simple and seamless.