Resin 3d printing materials cracking is mainly divided into the following reasons:

1. The concentration of cleaning agent used in the cleaning process is not enough, and the residual 3D printer resin invades the surface of the printed part, making the surface of the printed part inconsistent with the internal stress, resulting in cracked surface cracking.

2. The model has been hollowed out inside, there is a large amount of uncured resin 3d printing materials , and the interior is not completely cleaned with alcohol, or the wall thickness of the model after hollowing out is not enough (less than 3mm), and the thin-walled model will be damaged due to the uncured interior. The stress and the solidified thin wall produce molecular structure pulling, which leads to the overall collapse of the model.

3. Put the 3d printer resin model under a UV lamp of more than 30W for close-range one-way curing for a long time. Excessive secondary curing will cause uneven internal and external stress or inconsistent light reception before and after, resulting in interlayer cracking.

4. Do not blow dry the alcohol after cleaning, let the resin 3d printing materials model dry naturally and place it in the sun to receive light from one direction, forming deformation and cracking caused by strong pulling on the surface and internal stress.

5. Care should be taken when using water washable resin. Do not wash in water for a long time. After cleaning, dry it with a hair dryer as soon as possible. When storing the water washable resin model, avoid humid and high-temperature environments.

water washable resin