Concept introduction

Water in which carbon dioxide dissolves in water to a saturation level is also called "bubble water" because of the existence of carbon dioxide bubbles. The English name is sparkling water or Gas Water. Natural gas bubble water is extremely rare, so it is known as the "spring of divine drink".

Sparkling water is sought after by people because it can enhance gastrointestinal vitality and other health effects. The habit of drinking sparkling water in Europe and the United States has a history of a hundred years.

the difference

①The difference between sparkling water (H2CO3) and soda water (NaHCO3):

Soda water is made of baking soda powder. The main component of baking soda powder is sodium bicarbonate, which releases carbon dioxide gas after being dissolved in water. The aqueous solution at this time is called soda water; while sparkling water is directly passed through the bubble water machine An aqueous solution of food-grade carbon dioxide gas is pressed into the water. Sparkling water contains more sodium, while sparkling water is purer.

②The difference between sparkling drinks and carbonated drinks:

Because sparkling water is rich in carbon dioxide gas, it is also called carbonated water. The ingredients in sparkling water are carbon dioxide and water; in addition to carbon dioxide and water, carbonated drinks also contain sugar, phosphoric acid, pigments, preservatives, caffeine, flavors, and other Artificial additives, while sparkling water has no added ingredients.

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