Appendix EU is not a known term. Appendix EU is known as the immigration rules of the UK. The new immigration status also called settled status is for those who have been living continuously for seven years. How to know about an administrative review? Administrative Review is a simple process used by an individual to apply for an entry visa application. The administrative review will take 28 days for deciding on home office service.


Method to apply for an administrative review?


To apply for administrative review of Tier 4 follow the certain rules

    • The reason why your visa or decision letter is canceled or refused. You need to mention the correct reason to do that mistake.


    • You can send your complete form of application refusal letter through post or email.

The best administrative review? 


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How to differentiate appendix EU?


The appendix EU is the immigration rules which are applicable only for EU citizens. Their family members are also eligible for this. The requirements for appendix EU Are as follows.

    • According to this immigration rule you have to maintain a valid application. This application should define all the eligibility criteria and requirements. The requirements like why you want to live in the UK permanently.


    • The requirements should be based on the date of application.


    • When a particular person remains under a certain appendix rule he or she will be preferred under EEA citizen.


    • Suppose the citizen is from outside UK he or she has to provide identity and nationality proof.


    • The biometric requirements are also mandatory nowadays.

Can EEA Citizen Avail settled status?


EEA Citizen Can apply for it under appendix EU. Following immigrant rules of that particular applicants must be followed.

    • Must fulfill although requirement and scheme mentioned in that particular list. The requirements of residence should match properly.


    • The application should be valid and real. The requirements and suitability should not be false.



Till now you might be aware of appendix EU and administrative review. To get complete detail about various EU codes visits online. The best citizen will get a chance to live in the UK.