Business generates wealth. The liberty business can provide has no parallel. If you want to you get rid of employment syndrome, business is the best option. Employed enslaves a person’s mind, but the business is something that promotes innovation and creation. Software like QuickBooks have played a significant role in changing the way of small and medium business. And you know very well that more than 80 percent of the world businesses are small and medium sized. This article will aim to elaborate the introduction and services of QuickBooks. It will also give suggestion of some software like QuickBooks you can use for small and medium sized businesses.

Let us understand the features of QuickBooks software.


What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is the small business accounting software. It is developed by Intuit. Intuit is an American business company. Intuit are well known for their financial software. And QuickBooks is one legendary example of that. It is the world bestselling software because of the services it provides. It mainly focuses the small and medium sized businesses. There are numerous services that QuickBooks offers to establish and maintain a business. They are the best business advisors. Hundreds of guides and articles are ready to help you in your business-related problems. With the precise information like even desk drawer establishment, they have deep sight regarding the solutions. Hundreds of video tutorials are provided for the easy guidance of users. You Can use QuickBooks for making invoices, paying bills, developing reports. There have many options you can availed to engage with them. Like freelancing and private or joint businesses.


Benefits of QuickBooks

Coursework writing service says that there are numerous benefits of QuickBooks. We will enlist some major of them for the reference of software like QuickBooks.


In Cashflows

QuickBooks is making businesses easier and easier. They are the best managers of the cashflows of the businesses. The money needs to run the business is somehow equals to the money required to initiate it. You have to spend the money to make the money. This practice involves so many expertise. QuickBooks is a reliable and experienced platform to take care of it.


In Expenses

Software like QuickBooks are managing the expenses of the businesses efficiently. It is most effective practice to increase the profits of a business. QuickBooks is capable of suggesting many techniques to control the expanses of the business. Optimization of the net profit is the key to explore the businesses. Where to freeze and where to invest are the critical questions for a businessman. You can sort it out by using software like QuickBooks.


In Invoices

Invoice is bill for the trade happened between the seller and the buyer. This is as ancient as the trade itself. Men use to keep a record for selling and buying different needs of life. As the businesses grew up, the mechanism of the invoices also got complex. QuickBooks is making the invoices easy and handy for the small and medium sized businesses. Names, decryptions, purchase orders, list of taxes and many more aspects are the main jobs that software like QuickBooks is handling.


In Accounting

The principles of accounting are very important to keep the business at its pace. Whether you use cash methods or accrual methods, QuickBooks is the best platform people love to involve for this purpose. QuickBooks manages all of the payable and receivable accounts of a business. The record of the assets of an organization can be very easily handled by software like QuickBooks.


In Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is process in which you use the double entry method for keeping your records. Bank accounts usually use single entry method. Which tells about only the incoming and outgoing activities of the account. Whereas in bookkeeping, you can have information about the future expense of your account. Software like QuickBooks can be easily used for these complex data sheets top maintain the past, present, and future records of a business.


Free Software Like Quickbooks You Can Use

The main drawback of QuickBooks is that it is not much cost effective. There is fatigue of subscriptions which do not usually come cheaper. There is no need to worry about. You can use many alternatives of QuickBooks. Options for particular and multipurpose tasks are available. We are enlisting some of them. you can choose on the basis of nature of your job.



It is a cloud-based accounting software. Xero is recommended for small and medium sized businesses. Having more than 2.7 million users across the world, Xero is committed to change the game for small businesses. It is best recommended for accountants and bookkeepers. It was found in 2006, and it is one of the fastest growing software like QuickBooks.



An efficient software like QuickBooks. It is well known for the management of personal finance and money managements. It has many versions which are running on windows and mac OS. Quicken is recommended for small businesses. It is popular in managing the rental and personal properties. Plans of retirements, investments are easy to handle with Quicken. You can manage your earning and expenditures with ease. There is 30 days money back guarantee offer for their subscription.


Sage Business Cloud

Sage business cloud accounting and Sage business cloud payroll are suites of parent company “Sage Group”. it is also recommended for small and medium sized businesses. It is an online accounting software, well known for their mobile accounting services. You can easily snap and capture the receipts. You can make auto entry for the bank challans using Sage Business Cloud. It is interesting software like QuickBooks but its facility of running payrolls has no parallel. Sage Business Cloud offers 6 months free trial for new users.



Business is the best opportunity to make your life better. Software like QuickBooks is making businesses easier and reliable. We have mentioned the main features of QuickBooks. These are some major benefits of it and some alternatives that you can use, if you want cost effective services.