Blizzard's goal is to give Alliance players an advantage in participating in the classic battlefield of the Burning Crusade. At the end of July, the Burning Crusade Classic will once again activate the battlefield of the same camp. Through the adjustment of the previous battlefield test of the same camp. The maximum number of teams that can line up to get to the battlefield will be reduced to 5. The matching system will wait longer to find a match for the opposing faction, and alliance players may be able to complete repeatable tasks that reward the battlefield and use a box of loot to win. Among them are various crafting materials, consumables, and currencies.

PvP battlefields often target opposite factions, namely tribes and alliances. But the Burning Crusade classic contains some factional imbalance issues. In general, there are more tribal players and matching battlefields participating in the game. This brings a lot of queue time to tribal players, which makes it extremely difficult to obtain PvP items. The difficulty of the rules does not hit the player. Smart players will continue to choose Buy TBC WOW Classic Gold For Sale from the store to avoid the drawbacks of the game. The repair method invented by Blizzard is to try to test it over a weekend and pay attention to how the tribe will customize the formula for the tribe battlefield.
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The result is ideal. Players shortened the matching search time. This is very necessary for players. Many players are playing complete prefab groups, and if they encounter players who are queuing alone and do not use teammates in Discord, it usually results in loss of income. Alliance players are not particularly happy. Being able to participate in PvP faster has become one of the privileges of alliance members. But now Blizzard is canceling this privilege.

Therefore, the latest enlistment bonus. Blizzard said that the exciting thing about the past one or two months is that the alliance's battlefield participation rate is low, and new rewards may increase this number. Having said that, Blizzard does not want to customize the game substantially and prefers to imitate the structural pillars of the original Burning Crusade game system. The current game rules have not changed much. So players still need to continue to choose Buy WOW TBC Gold from This is the best way to save money and energy. Capture the mental game from the original design. The changes to the battlefield are not the only modern adjustments to the Burning Crusade.