Messaging apps are the leading app in the online marketplace. People keep tapping on the screen either to send text or multimedia messages to their friends or family members. Social Media apps are a vital source of communication in this generation. Everyone wants their messages to reach the other end immediately. 


Whatsapp is widely known as the best instant and secured messaging app. First and foremost, it is mainly used to communicate with one another. The messages sent are highly secured with end-to-end encryption. The Whatsapp clone script is scratched from the original messaging app to help the entrepreneurs launch instantly and effectively.


How can the WhatsApp clone app levitate your business?


Launching a WhatsApp clone app will levitate your business in the competitive online marketplace with the fast development of social media platforms. Many app developers provide a robust WhatsApp clone app. TurnkeyTown is a renowned app developer providing white-label solutions. You can give a platform for your users to connect with people instantly. Users can communicate via voice calls, video calls, pictures, and documents through the WhatsApp clone app. This works seamlessly in both Android devices and iOS devices.  

  • The users can upload or share any pictures, videos, documents with their families and friends. 
  • The app is in-built with integrated voice over internet protocol (VoIP), allowing users to communicate via video calls and voice calls. 
  • To secure the users' chats is encrypted with a chat lock option where the user can set a password to keep away from unauthorized access to the conversation. 
  • The emoticon feature has gained a lot of attraction from the users. The users can express their feelings through emojis, stickers and can make fun conversations apart from boring texts.  


Brand new features in WhatsApp clone app: 


  • Disappearing Photo: With the new disappearing picture feature, the photo sent by a user to another person can be viewed only at once and will not be saved to the recipient’s Photos or Gallery. The user can choose the “view once” option while sending a picture. 
  • Audio speed: The user can now speed the audio files from 1.5x to 2x speeds.
  • Logout option: Instead of the “delete account” option, a log-out option will help the users log out from all devices and keep the data safe. 
  • Multi-device: The users can connect their WhatsApp account to their desktop and make video calls and voice calls through the desktop. 
  • Join missed calls: Now, the users can join in the video calls made at the start of the call. Through the invite, the users can now connect to the existing calls. 


Winding Up:

 Social media apps are thriving more than ever in the history of the online marketplace. Every day many users are installing the app. Launching a WhatsApp-like app development will enrich your business. TurnkeyTown is a renowned app developer ready to assist you to kickstart your business.