With the same weight and diameter, CCA wire is 2.6-3.2 times longer than copper wire.

According to pure copper wire, it is impossible to separate copper from CCA wire to keep thieves away.

CCA wire is more ductile than copper wire, and unlike aluminum, which produces insulating oxides, is easier to process and has good electrical conductivity.

CCA wire is light in weight, and easy to transport and install, reducing labor costs.

CCA welding wire has significant social benefits and can save a lot of copper raw material resources.

CCA lines are widely used in the transmission of cable television signals and large-capacity communication network signals, control signal lines, welding lines, etc. Our advanced cladding and welding process ensures high density and high conductivity of 99.97% pure copper cladding; our metallurgical welding technology ensures that the copper-plated layer can be evenly distributed around the aluminum core wire to achieve high concentricity Spend. Mechanical properties meet ASTM B566-04a standard. CCA wire is divided into two types: cold-drawn (H) and annealed (A).

According to the processing technology, it can be divided into clad copper-clad aluminum wire and electroplated copper-clad aluminum wire.

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