Farming implements have evolved with time. Farmers have plenty of equipment like power tillers, cultivators, and balers to make farming activities more precise and high-yield-oriented. Power tiller is one such advancement that cannot be underlooked. This farming implement adds great value to farming by supporting routine jobs of sowing, land preparation, and adding fertilizers, sprays, and herbicides. 


Wondering which power tiller to invest upon? In the following, not just one, we will help you with 2 absolute choices for power tillers that are worth investing in.



This is one of the high-selling power tillers that helps support land preparation activities needed around the crop cultivation process. FJ500 is built with 4 stroke petrol engine, offering an engine displacement of 163cc. This tiller is highly compatible with gravelly soils of farms & gardens. This particular model is highly efficient and productive, and the price range it retails for is quite economical for Indian farmers. 


Greaves cotton GS 15 DI power tiller is a 15.4 hp, multi-purpose farming implement that helps with quality tillage and land preparation activities. This one comes with a double disc Constant mesh clutch and a superior 1.5 tons haulage capacity. This tiller produces an engine displacement of 942 ccs with 2000 rpm. This one is a great addition for farmers looking for precise tilling even across the hardest surfaces. 


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