Farming implements like cultivators, disc ploughs, and tillers are a blessing for Indian farmers. They are an excellent addition to daily farming activities. They do not just help prepare the land, but they help mix the nutritional properties of the soil, uproot weeds, and ensure the soil supports crop growth.


Adding cultivators to the cultivation routine can help improve efficiency and overall farming yield. If buying a cultivator has stirred your thoughts, here are the top 3 cultivator brands that are worth investing in.



Mahindra offers an extensive range of cultivators between 35 hp to 65 hp, varying based on weight between 265 kg to 335 kg, and tyres between 9 to 13. The Mahindra cultivators are made to deliver speed, efficiency, and accuracy during fieldwork.





John Deere offers a wide variety of quality-made cultivators, ranging in width from 1.9 ft to 2.7 ft. And the hp for the different models is above 30 hp. Farmers also get models varying in terms of the number of tynes, which is between 5 -9. This brand’s models help with efficient and effective tillage.




Khedut offers farmer-friendly, economical cultivators ranging in hp between 35 HP and 75 HP. The weight of this brand’s cultivator range between 210 kg to 290 Kg. And the width of different models ranges between 6.25 ft to 9.25 ft. These implements are made to deliver great performance in any challenging field.


All these implements from famous brands can work very well for separating harsh lands and mixing well crop buildup. In addition, these top brands’ implements are highly suitable for paddy regions which need less furrowing on hard dirt.