The velveteen fabric is woven with a pile structure and then cut and finished. The surface has dense, flat, towering and shiny piles, so it is called velveteen. The warp and weft of the velveteen are made of high-quality cotton yarn. According to different raising yarns, it is divided into warp velveteen (cut warp velveteen) and weft velveteen (cut weft velveteen).

Velveteen characteristics

The velveteen fluff is plump and flat, thick texture, soft to the touch, soft luster, wear-resistant and durable, good warmth retention, elasticity, and not easy to wrinkle. It is not advisable to scrub velveteen hard when washing, so as not to affect the fullness and smoothness of the fluff.

The abrasion resistance of velveteen is 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary fabrics. Because the surface of the velveteen fabric is in contact with the outside of the fiber section, it avoids friction at the bottom of the cloth. The surface of the velveteen is densely covered with towering piles, so it feels soft and has good elasticity, soft luster, and the surface is not easy to wrinkle. The cloth body is thick, and the fluff on the surface can form an air layer, so it has good warmth retention. Therefore, velveteen fabrics are very popular and are often used in daily life and architectural decoration.

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