Search Engine Marketing is a convenient way of putting across your message to the user and the search engine. A marketer can promote his site using, content, advertising, pictures and the latest trend of videos. Video marketing is fast picking up as it is attractive to the audience, conveys message faster and in a more creative manner of presenting ideas.

However, there are presumptions in the market that using videos for a site promotion is not very rewarding. The search engines mostly crawl around for keywords to match the query entered by the users. It is difficult for the engine crawler to seek keywords in the video. Hence videos seem unfriendly for SEO. However, Google is now developing a platform that will benefit marketers and users to promote the site through Video SEO.

The search engine may not be able to extract the keywords from the video; hence you need to apply a few skills to this. You need to title, description, and location for the video uploaded. The following tips may come in handy for a successful Video SEO -

• Provide relevant file names to the video. Try using keywords so that it can be easily indexed for the related query.
• Caption your videos where ever possible. This helps to make the video accessible to the end users, which is an added benefit to SEO.
• Ensure to submit a video sitemap in the right format including keyword tags, description. This keeps the video in the search engine good books.
• Also use keywords in the description of the video. It will aid the effect of mentioning keywords in the title tag.
• As a practice post the videos on your website as well. This will help the viewer to understand the context in which the video by just browsing through your site.

Extremely different from traditional Breaking News on CNN or link building techniques, Video SEO is new style to improve site SEO. It is effectively proving its ability to reach to the audience faster. Some benefits are as follows -

• Creating and sharing videos is the easiest way to increase the traffic. Video SEO is an important part of SEO followed by Search engine marketing Agencies. It helps you attract a larger audience that leads to more traffic. Just as SEO, Video SEO too is an affordable measure to get a massive online following.