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What can you watch Jaguars against. Seahawks 2013 online, Radio schedule, TV schedule and more

Coming off a dominant home win over division rival San Francisco, the Seattle Seahawks are riding high heading into Sunday's game with Jacksonville. The Jaguars are not as impressive and are one of the biggest underdogs of Madden NFL 23 record against Seattle.

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The Seahawks started the game as a 19-1/2 point preference over the Jaguars. This spread makes the Jaguars the 10th-largest betting underdog in Madden NFL 23 history, according to FOX Sports. This doesn't suggest that the match is an automatic win. Indianapolis was a 20/1/2-point underdog over New England in 2011. however, they gave the Patriots the best they could manage in a 31-24 loss.

Seattle's offense has not been flawless this season. The Seahawks had a difficult time putting points on the board in Week 1 against Carolina and led 5-0 at halftime against San Francisco. A few offensive drives and a few defensive errors contributed to the Seahawks get ahead late in the game.

The game on Sunday will be the same area as Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley. Bradley worked for four years as Seattle's defensive coordinator prior to taking over the Jaguars during the season. If Bradley's Jaguars are going to pull the upset, they'll most likely do it behind Chad Henne who is madden 23 coins buy expected to begin the season at quarterback.