This week, Bill Barnwell of Mut 23 coins ESPN broke down how in the lottery-like draft "the most efficient strategy is to get more tickets." The RG3 trade was possibly the best example ever, and the winners of the trade seem to be ignorant of that fact. It could be that it works out, but the Rams should have a better idea. The Chargers could sell Philip Rivers, but they'd probably screw that up too.

LaDainian Tomlinson says the Chargers should sell Philip Rivers. They Chargers are in rebuild mode, and should be able to trade Philip Rivers instead of ruin his entire career. Do you think that's realistic?

It makes some sense in the simplest of terms. The Chargers have been, yet again, an absolute disaster, dropping three games in an incredibly painful way after blowing leads in the fourth quarter. Rivers doesn't contribute to the issue. He's completed 68 percent in his throws. 7.8 yards for every attempt and has 1.110 yards. He also scored seven touchdowns, and only one interception.

The Chargers signed Rivers to a four-year extension worth $83 million this year, however it's the nature of his contract isn't prohibitive to trade him. The cap hit doesn't top $22 million until this year, but it's an easy task for a team be able to get rid of it after the year 2018.

There's also the possibility that the Chargers really, really need the most support from fans they can get ... something they don't have much of after having suffered so much loss, the Bosa standoff and the entire threatening fans to leave the team by relocation thing. 

If they could get rid of Mike McCoy and make the right kind of moves in the offseason, they may be back on track sooner than you imagine. It's a big gamble for an team that hasn't achieved anything particularly impressive, on the field or off. Why Madden NFL 23 players favored the latest CBA, despite its buy madden nfl 23 coins clear imperfections