The BC.Games Clone Script is a pre-built script for creating a blockchain-based casino gaming platform like BC. game. The game modules, user interface, admin panel, gaming mechanics, and payment gateway support have all been designed in accordance with BC.Game.


What is a BC game?

BC.Game is an online crypto casino game platform where users can engage themselves in gambling games. These slot and crash games tend to provide various gaming options and casino live streaming. By depositing bitcoins, players can begin their gaming journey and start to gamble with their opponents.


What is BC.Game Clone Script?

BC.Game clone script is the cloned version of the popular Crypto casino game BC.Game. The game source code can be purchased and installed directly installed to servers by doing little customization. The gaming modules, user interface, administrative panel, Gaming mechanics, and Payment gateway support are developed as per BC.Game.


Features of our BC.Game Clone Script

We at Hivelance have prepared the BC.Game clone script with ample features & benefits. You can get our script license and continue tweaking its features if needed. 

1. Sign-up and profile management

The user signup process and profile management is intuitive in our script. Users follow a simple step process for creating their gaming profile. They can even opt-in to sign up as game developers and upload their own games.

2. Payment integration 

Payment in crypto casino games is processed with multiple cryptocurrencies. The payment gateway we integrated inside our script can handle cryptocurrency transactions faster than ever.

3. Customer support system

The user queries, technical glitches, refunds, and platform usage guides are easily clarified through the best customer support system. It includes forums, a ticketing system, Q/A, and a chat system. 

4. Social Media sharing

To grasp the millions of other gaming peers, players should access powerful social media platforms. We designed the crypto casino game clone with in-built social media sharing APIs which is handy for developers. 

5. Bonus & Rewards 

The bonus & rewards section are powered by the automated commission distributed protocols. Managing the user funds, allocating referral commission rewards, and game rewards are all regulated by the administrative panel.

6. Multi-gaming modules 

There are different types of gaming modules embedded in our BC.Game clone script. Casino games, Lottery games, and General Sports games are packed to attract users in an engaging way. You have the option to add customized game types after the game is released.


How to build Crypto Casino Games like BC.Game?

Many Crypto Entrepreneurs had the dream of building a Crypto casino game like BC.Game. But half of them ended up in halfway stage due to technical obstacles. 

What’s the solution?

If you are the kind of serious entrepreneur who still wants to develop games like BC. Game? You can make use of the BC.Game clone script to get started immediately. The expense for the script is comparatively lower than from scratch development. Additionally, you can make any new changes in the game post-release. 

Follow the simple stages of development as follows.

Step 1 -  Idea visualization

Step 2 -  Build Prototype or MVP version

Step 3 -  Game engine development

Step 4 -  Game UI Design & Integration 

Step 5 -  Database architecture development

Step 6 - Testing phase

Step 7 - Game Release 


Game modules in our BC. Game clone script

  • ATM Game
  • Roll game 
  • Noce Dice Game 
  • BlackJack game 
  • Casino game
  • Lottery game
  • Sports game


Why Hivelance for BC.Game Clone Script Development?

As a leading blockchain game development company, Hivelance can build a properly structurized BC gaming clone platform with all your customized ideas and agnostic technologies. Our BC game clone script is fully furnished with attractive UI/UX designs and hence can attract millions of users towards the platform. Are you waiting to rule the crypto sector with huge profits? Get our BC game clone script with unique patterns and the safest transaction processes. Our expert panel can assist you in providing the roadmaps along with development procedures with all cost-effective guidelines.

  • Loyalty programs
  • Multi-platform compatibility facilities
  • The safest platform for transactions
  • Customized ideas implementation with an online inquiry option
  • A team of well-talented and trained resources for BC game development.
  • Ontime rendition of the gaming platform
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Video calls for assisting the clients with clear ideas.


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