If you want to take the pain out of doing dishes, having the right kitchen tools can help. The most important tool you can own is a stainless steel dish rack.

Whether you have a small space or want to optimize it, dish racks have come a long way in the past 20 years and can now be a great addition to your kitchen. Long gone are the eye-catching plastic dish racks that held dirty water and sat on top of dirty towels. Today, you can find stylish, beautiful dish racks that will turn your sink into a kitchen feature.

Dish rack over sink. This is easily the most popular dish-drying upgrade option people buy today. These stainless steel racks fit right in your sink, allowing you to keep the dishwater flowing in the sink where it belongs. These two or three-tier racks can display your dishes while keeping them off your counter.

Wall-mounted dish rack. This dish rack allows you to place the dish rack on any wall that best suits your needs. If you are short on cabinet space, this is your best choice. Store your dishes directly in the open air and make them a feature of your kitchen. You can also use the multi-purpose rack to store other excess kitchen items such as pots and pans, plates and bowls, and even fruit and vegetables.

Countertop stackable wire baskets. Unlike over-the-sink options, wire baskets still use counter space. However, Purdon wire baskets can be stacked up to four baskets at a time. This allows you to utilize more vertical space for utensils than a traditional countertop drainer. Versatile and durable, these writing stands can be easily hidden in a cabinet when not in use.

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