The digital world is growing fast in the online marketplace, reaching out to provide all the products or services for the people in day-to-day life. There are many taxi and food delivery on-demand apps on the top list of the online marketplace, but home services have also created a space in on-demand platforms. Home service applications have been gaining popularity and also a good revenue from the people. An on-demand services app like Urban Company is a great advantage to boost the business in the competitive online market. The Urbanclap clone app provides commercial services like plumbing, electrical, cleaning, home-based beauty spa, carpeting, fitness service or decoration service, and much more is feasible through this app. Customers seek this home services app for instant needs, and it is a budding vital source for the people.


Establish an On-demand services app like Urban Company 


The working process of the UrbanClap app is efficient for the Service provider and also for the users. The admin can control the whole process from his admin dashboard to either add or remove any service provider centers. The enterprise of the app provides a robust and effortless process for the uses. 


  • User Login: The users or the customers can log in with simple steps and browse their needs.
  • Categories Listings: The customer can browse into the categories list of available services in the app and can choose which they require currently.
  • Booking Approvals: Customers can choose their comfortable dates for the servicers to visit their home and then proceed further to book a service. The customers will receive the confirmation and future bookings details instantly. 
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: The app is integrated with various payment options for the customers to pay during the service, such as Cash on delivery, Credit/debit cards, e-wallets, etc. 
  • Service Provider Login: The service provider can log in via any social media platform and state the services they provide. The admin also gets proof of their job details to ensure a safe Home service app. 
  • Service Listings: The service provider is allowed to list the service that they are providing along with a detailed description of the services, discounts, offers, and any terms and conditions. 
  • Prompt booking approvals: The service provider can accept the service request and confirm it once they check out the other profile details of the customers and the locations.  
  • Commission deductions: In-app commission deduction is made once the service is completed. 


Wrapping Up:

In general, Home service applications are making a profit in the on-demand marketplace providing a wide range of services beginning from electrical, AC installation to Home spa for the customers instantly. The UrbanClap app offers a secure way for customers to book for a service. Many app developers are providing the exact features and technologies with Urban clone scripts for the entrepreneurs. It only takes a few minutes to launch a resilient app like Urban company. Almost many entrepreneurs reach out to TurnkeyTown for an Urban Company like app development.