WordPress itself is licensed below GPL. This indicates tools and capabilities derived from WordPress are also GPS licensed. Get extra data about best Wordpress GPL sites


Here are a few of the key benefits of using GPL themes:


1. Saves Price

When you are a compact to medium-scale business owner and cannot afford to purchase premium themes and plugins, GPL themes can take care of that.


They're accessible at an extremely affordable price.


You are able to get these themes at a price tag of about 5 to 8 instances significantly less than premium themes.


2. Freedom to Modify

The GPL themes are conveniently customizable.


You'll be able to add any feature you wish to your blog or website, and in case you feel that it can be not what you will need, you could make adjustments by oneself or ask for help from an seasoned programmer.


This way, you may come up with themes and plugins that complement your website.


3. Income source

GPL themes redistribution can also be growing as a source of income for a lot of people.


They buy the principle themes, make adjustments as their clientele need them to, and sell them to the people who will need them.


This way, GPL themes have developed into a sort of like a small-scale business.


There are various online tools around that allow you to detect a theme becoming used by a website that you can download from GPL sites.