Some say ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Often, students take this a step ahead. This is mainly why the demand for reliable online plagiarism checker has increased more than ever.

Sure referring to authoritative third-party sources in your writing adds weight to the arguments of your paper. But, if you (even unintentionally) misrepresent someone else’s ideas as your own, your reputation as a writer will plummet.

In today’s blog, we will share certain top-notch tips that will help you refrain from the plagiarism trap at any cost, whether it’s intentional or unintentional.


  1. Keep Track of Your Resources

One way students tend to commit at do my essay plagiarism is simply forgetting where an idea originated from and accidentally presenting it as their own. Try to avoid this pitfall easily by keeping your notes organized and developing a list of citations as you go. This can help you go back easily and check where you found a phrase or idea you want to use in your paper.


  1. Quote And Paraphrase Accurately

While writing your academic papers, if you aim to share an idea or information from a resource, you should either quote or paraphrase the original text. Quoting refers to copying a piece of text word-for-word. The copied text should be introduced in your own words and enclosed in the quotation mark. Paraphrasing refers to using your own words to explain something from a source.  Now, in the words of the creators of online math problem solver, it is vital to ensure that your text isn’t too similar to the original while paraphrasing.


  1. Cite The Original Resource

Every time you paraphrase or quote while writing a paper, you must incorporate an in-text citation or a footnote citation that identifies the original author. It should also incorporate the publication year and the page number. This informs the readers exactly where the information came from, helping your readers to locate the source for themselves.  


  1. Use Reliable Plagiarism Checkers

It’s always wise to use outstanding unibersity assignment help free online to determine that you used external sources in your work accurately. This kind of tool scans your document, compares it to a huge database of publications, and highlights the passages that are overly similar to other texts. You can even use a plagiarism checker before submitting your paper. This helps you determine any parts where you have forgotten a citation, left out quotation marks, or incorporate a paraphrase that’s excessively close to the original text.


The top-notch steps listed above can be incredibly helpful in avoiding plagiarism in your work is worth the effort. Additionally, being more aware of what constitutes plagiarism, figuring out how to avoid this severe academic crime ultimately takes daily practice. If you have any doubt related to these so you can visit here for questions & answers and post your queries. we will answer you as soon as possible.


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