Whenever we think of freelancing websites then, Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer will flash in our minds. Out of these, let us talk about Fiverr and how you can develop a similar freelancing platform in a short duration.

Fiverr is a freelancing marketplace platform, where one can explore hundreds and thousands of freelancers and job providers. Of course, the range of jobs includes graphic designing, SEO, content/copywriting, web development, and a series of other jobs. Further, let us go through the perks of developing the Fiverr clone.

Fiverr clone - Freelance app development in a tick

Previously, Freelancer and Upwork were the only two popular sites that hosted freelancing jobs. But now, there are many newcomers and Fiverr is one such. The chief aspect of Fiverr is that the platform gives more privileges to freelancers, which makes it appealing for them. Likewise, you can establish your freelance business by investing in a similar app called the Fiverr clone.

The Fiverr clone solution is ready to launch. With a ready-to-launch app like Fiverr, you can directly indulge in marketing your freelancing platform. This is the key advantage of any clone app solution. So, I believe that you will be interested in this type of freelancing app development. If yes, you can scroll down to know about the app’s key features.

Key features of the Fiverr clone solution

Admin dashboard - Get to know an overview of your users’ activities through the admin panel. Not just their activities but you can also monitor the revenue, manage feedback, etc.
Search bar with filters- Users can search the kind of job they are looking for using the filter-aided search bar.
Integrated payment option- Making transactions for gigs is easy as the app has been integrated with a series of payment options.
In-app alerts - Users must never miss out on any information related to the app. Send them any kind of information with respect to the app as instant alerts.