How do I configure my Comcast email settings?

Do you want to hook up your Comcast email with another email client? No problem, we will tell you how you can get the emails from two different clients on a single platform. You just need to know the Comcast email settings for different email servers and you will be all set to use your Comcast email. However, Comcast does not recommend users to access their Comcast emails on a different client as this shall lead to a data breach.

But, if you still wish to configure your Comcast email to be accessed on Outlook or any other mail client, you need to know its mail server settings.

What are the Comcast email IMAP/SMTP server settings?

While setting up your Comcast email on any email client you shall be asked about the mail server settings for which you can make the following entries:

Incoming mail server settings

  • Incoming Mail Server Name:
  • Incoming Mail Server Port Number: 993 with SSL ON
  • If you are asked to choose the authentication method, select STARTTLS.
  • If Needed: 143 with SSL ON

Outgoing mail server settings

  • Outgoing Mail Server Name:
  • Outgoing Mail Server Port Number: 587 (SMTP)
  • If Needed: 465 (SMTPS)
  • Encryption method: TLS (use SSL if TLS isn’t shown.)
  • For Authentication, you should enter your Comcast username and password.

Comcast email settings for Outlook

If you want to access your Comcast emails on your Outlook, you can make the following settings in order to get it done.

1- Open Outlook and click on the File menu.

2- Select ‘Account Settings’ and then select ‘New’.

3- Now, click on the e-mail account radio button and select ‘Next’.

4- Next, choose ‘Manual setup’ and click ‘Next’.

5- After that, select POP or IMAP and click ‘Next’.

6- Enter your name and type your email address that ends with Comcast .net

7- For the account type, select ‘IMAP’.

8- In the Incoming mail server settings field, type

9- And, for the outgoing mail server settings, type

10- Enter your Xfinity ID and password in the respective fields and select ‘More Settings’.

Choose the Outgoing Server tab, and tick-mark the box for outgoing server authentication.

1- For the ‘Use same settings’ option, you need to confirm the radio button.

2- Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab and enter 993 in the IMAP field.

3- For encryption type, select ‘SSL’ and enter 587 in the SMTP field.

4- For encryption connection, select ‘TSL’ from the drop-down menu.

5- Once you are done, click ‘OK’ > ‘Next’ > ‘Close’ > ‘Finish’ > ‘Close’.

How do I set up Comcast email on iPhone?

You need to make the following changes for Comcast email settings iPhone in order to use receive emails directly on your iOS device:

1- Open iPhone and tap on the ‘Mail’ icon on the home screen.

2- After that, select ‘Other’ from the Welcome screen.

3- Your screen will now display the New Account screen.

4- Here, enter the credentials of your Comcast account and tap ‘Next’.

5- When you are done entering the info, will verify your credentials.

6- And, your mail will be configured accordingly.

That makes you all ready for using Comcast email on iPhone. In case you have forgotten your Comcast email address or password, you need to use the Xfinity email platform to reset your Comcast email password and recover its username.

Why is my Comcast email not working?

Among several other reasons, why your Comcast email might not be working is the poor internet connection. Apart from this, there is a possibility that you are using incorrect credentials for login purposes. In case you are using Comcast email on another client and it fails to work there, possibly you have not configured the mail server settings properly.


This was all about configuring Comcast email settings in such a manner that you can use it on other email clients such as Outlook, iPhone, and so on. While making use of the steps that have been specified above, you are suggested to enter each detail very carefully. Failing in the same would lead to avoidable hurdles.

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