A very warm welcome to the 2 On Whiteleigh Motel in Addington, now one of Christchurch’s top locations and a major area for events. We are all here to give you service of the highest standard to make your stay in our brand new architecturally designed 5-star Christchurch home away from home. Our reception has a FREE booking facility for all your tours and activities – local knowledge is the best.

Addington is a prime holiday destination and becomes a hotspot for travelers throughout the year. Various bloggers and travel writers have written many articles/blogs explaining its beauty but, no one can justify it with words or pictures. This mesmerizing piece of earth is a stunner and offers a range of activities for travelers. Apart from all other attractions, Accommodation Addington they are exclusive. One can discover all genres of Accommodation Addington ranging from budget hotels to 5-star luxurious hotels. Well, it is undoubtedly a choice depending upon your travel budget that what type of accommodation will suit your need. However, we recommend experiencing the luxurious Accommodation Addington once for a world-class experience.

If you book family accommodation or travel in a group. Most of the tour operators and even airlines have good package deals for large groups.
The key idea to get the best deals on cheap and discount hotels is to book ahead of time. Remember; never book a hotel just because it is cheap motels Christchurch. Always consider associated amenities offered with it. If you get a package deal but is a little more expensive than simple hotel accommodation, you may get a good bargain. It is the best place to turn you on for celebration as people over the years search for the best and reasonable place to spend some valuable time at their favorite destination.