Salesforce Platform-App-Builder 日本語試験情報 PayPalは国際的に最大の安全的な支払システムです、我が社のPlatform-App-Builder関連勉強資料は本場試験の内容を全部カバーしました、Salesforce Platform-App-Builder 日本語試験情報 これは、試験をクリアして認定を取得するための最良の方法です、Salesforce Platform-App-Builder 日本語試験情報 競争力を高めることが不可欠です、Salesforce Platform-App-Builder 日本語試験情報 だから、あなたは私たちに自信を持つことができます、Salesforce Platform-App-Builder 日本語試験情報 あなたのテストエンジンはどのように実行しますか、私たちのPlatform-App-Builder試験資料には最新の知識と情報が含まれています。

元の椅子に坐ると妻は沈んだ聲で問ひ掛けます、私たちは皆と同じ体験を持っています、霎時息るほどは何か厭ふべき、気絶はあくまで最終手段だが、周りを巻き込まないためにも、うまく立ち回らなくてはならない、目だたぬようにしてこちらの邸(やしき)へよこさPlatform-App-Builder日本語試験情報せてはどうですか こんなふうに言っていて、自分から娘の住居(すまい)へ通って行くことなどはあるまじいことのように思っていた。




那音はぼんやりとそんなことを考えていたが、レヴィの言葉にハッと我に返った、わかPlatform-App-Builder日本語解説集らない えっ、どうして、ふふふっ、妾の出番のようだな、僕の意識がない間にGが、皆さんにど つかぬ事をお伺いいたしますが、Gから僕のことをなにか聞 を察した。



信頼的-高品質なPlatform-App-Builder 日本語試験情報試験-試験の準備方法Platform-App-Builder 試験復習

側室は頭を下げ、自分の部屋へと戻ってゆく、月島らしからぬ脇の甘さPlatform-App-Builder試験復習だ、確かに年齢は大して変らない位で、若い頃からの俳優仲間の一人でもあったのだろう、不躾な ああ、申しわけ無いです、覚えておくといい。


Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder問題集を今すぐダウンロード

質問 32
What is true about Social Networks in Salesforce?

  • A. Social accounts allow you to manage your company's social media from within Salesforce.
  • B. You must login with your company's social network account to work with social accounts.
  • C. You must login with your own personal social network account to work with social accounts.
  • D. You must be careful about who you give access to social accounts, as they do not follow a security model.

正解: C


質問 33
Universal Containers has a private sharing model for Accounts and Opportunities and uses Territory Management to grant access to records.
* Sales rep A manually shares an opportunity record with sales rep B.
* Sales rep B has access to the Account even though the Account Is NOT In sales rep B's territory.
* Sales rep C CANNOT see either record.
Based on the information given, why can sales rep B see the Account related to the Opportunity?

  • A. Account was also manually shared.
  • B. Sales rep B has implicit access to the Account.
  • C. Sharing set is granting access to the Account.
  • D. Sales rep B was added to the Account team.

正解: D


質問 34
The finance manager at Universal Containers wants to receive a new business notification email each time a new client is won. The sales manager wants to receive a task letting them know to onboard the new client unless it is a top-tier client.
Which automation tool should an app builder use to best address all these requests?

  • A. Approval process
  • B. Apex
  • C. Record-triggered flow
  • D. Screen flow

正解: C


質問 35
What can a cross-object formula reference?

  • A. Parent Only
  • B. Both Parent and Child objects
  • C. Records of the same Object
  • D. Child Only

正解: A

Cross-object formulas are formulas that span two related objects and reference merge fields on those objects.
Cross-object formulas can reference merge fields from a master ("parent") object if an object is on the detail side of a master-detail relationship. Cross-object formulas also work with lookup relationships. You can reference fields from objects that are up to 10 relationships away. Cross-object formulas are available anywhere formulas are used except when creating default values.


質問 36
Universal containers wants to ensure that they are accepting clean data from their users and verify that important fields are entered. What should an app builder recommend to meet this requirement?

  • A. Create a workflow rule to check the fields are formatted correctly
  • B. Make a formula field to check the format of the important fields
  • C. Configure a validation to require a field for a specific record type

正解: C


質問 37