Superalgos, a community-owned open-source trading intelligence project, announces the official launch of its free platform for designing, testing, and deploying cryptocurrency trading bots.


The launch follows four years of development and pancakeswap sniper bot tens of thousands of downloads during the open beta phase as the community builds liquidity pools for its native Superalgos token on PancakeSwap, trading under the ticker symbol $SA.



The Superalgos Platform offers the instruments necessary to generate sophisticated trading intelligence. Equipped with a visual strategy designer and debugger, an integrated data-mining and charting system, multi-exchange, multi-market, and multi-machine execution, AI model optimization, and TradingView integration, the platform enables scalable operations beginning with a single Raspberry Pi deployment and scaling up to industrial-grade trading farms.


The Superalgos project 


The Superalgos project combines cutting-edge technology with a model for talent acquisition that is incentivized by the native token. The top spot in Github's trading bots category generates an influx of talented algo traders with various specializations: developers, data scientists, AI engineers, hardware technicians, OS administrators, etc.


The token is used by the community to incentivize contributions that benefit the greater good, including code, strategies, AI models, processed data, and even business and project development activities in general. Contributors receive token rewards, aligning community-wide interests with the network expansion objective.


When traders are surrounded by elite specialists, they quickly realize that they are not the best at everything. Multiple levels of collaboration emerge spontaneously due to the synergy between the various experts.


Julian Molina, Marketing Lead and Co-Founder of Superalgos, explains, "We're building a fleet of whalers to hunt whales in crypto markets." "The undertaking is comparable to a naval academy with its own shipyard! The community constructs the hunting implements and assembles elite hunting parties. You cannot expect to be successful if you must perform the duties of the captain, the deck officer, the crew, and the best harpoon sniper! Instead, you collaborate to attack the market together with full force!"


The 2022 roadmap adds


The 2022 roadmap adds a new dimension to the project: Crypto users will be able to copy the trades of top community teams using free social trading apps and free trading signals distributed over a censorship-resistant permissionless peer-to-peer network.


"It will be like a decentralized WallStreetBets," says Luis Molina, Superalgos' Lead Developer and Co-Founder. "It took a Reddit community several weeks to organize a GameStop occupation" (GME). Everything was going well until someone decided to pull the plug, acting against the interests of the users. Replace manual trading with trading automation, and Robinhood with the Superalgos Network. In a matter of minutes, millions of crypto users will be able to coordinate to take positions anonymously, without intermediaries, on a p2p network with no plugs to pull! Trading will be disrupted by superalgorithms.