Fort Fort: It is the place where all preparations are made. If the revs trigger this GAME OVER EPIC FAIL, everyone are allowed to enter. It's got 500hp. Tower The Tower is the place where you go into OSRS gold the tower and start firing at any speed you want. It is powered by 100HP. The weakest version of the tower that is able to be climbed by three persons is equipped with 50hp. Maintain a tower that is that is stronger than the tower however, it has more horsepower. It is able to accommodate 10 people and comes with 200hp.

Garrison is the place you go in to rest and get ready. The revs can strike or take it down. Two persons can enter. It is equipped with 25HP. One person is able to enter and blocks any attacks, except those of the Ork. It has only 10HP. Ork attack structures, while builders can construct buildings anyplace on the map, except for the fort.

After two minutes, you're removed from a fort or tower. Builders are only allowed to construct one tower per. Additionally, all structures are able to be rebuilt by builders. Important info. There three f2p crators, and one P2P. The first crator is safe for everyone, and 3-60. Second crator: safe members, 50-60 levels. Third crator: safe levels 70+. 4th crator: high risk levels of 70+.

Drops. Drops can be found in box that is recurrent. The greater the revs you get, the higher the chances of getting drops. It's similar to cheap RuneScape Mobile gold lootshare, but with an added twist. The one who is most frequent to hit does not get every drops, but they do get most of them.