No digital platform is completely safe from hackers and the same is the case with But that does not mean that we cannot measures to make our accounts more secure and take additional steps toward our funds' security. Of course, there are ways through which you can make some improvisations in the security of the platform that you are using for trading crypto assets.

Although the platform is highly secured and all your funds are saved in offline storage, therefore, there is no need to get so much worried. However, any mishap could take place at any time and this calls for actions on the part of the users.

So, in the section below, I am going to put forth some of the very essential yet basic security measures that you can take in case you wish to make this platform work right for you in all manners.

Measures to take for improved account security

No matter how strong security measures are taken up by, taking up additional benefits is never a bad idea. So, take a look at the list given below and enjoy trading in a safe environment:

  • The most basic yet essential thing that you need to do is make sure that you have set up a very strong password for your account. If not, please do it now.
  • Do not forget to enable two-factor authentication on your account, otherwise, signing in to your account would become more than easy.
  • Alongside that, it is also important to safeguard the email account that you have registered during the account setup.
  • Whenever you leave your device idle, please make sure that you lock it or you can also log out from your account whenever you leave your device unattended.
  • For improving the account security, you also need to make sure that you never share your login details with others.
  • Make sure that you know the practices are taken up by scammers to hack users' accounts as this would help you to avoid becoming a victim of any scams.
  • You can also use authenticator apps in order to make sure that your accounts are not at risk and that nobody is trying to steal your account details or make transactions through them.


Through this article, we have learned all the possible ways using which you can make sure that your account on is secure and away from any kind of fraudulent activities that are taken up by scammers nowadays.