In recent years, consumers have increasingly chosen to use reed diffusers to add fragrance to their houses. This is not surprising because they are environmentally friendly, do not consume energy and are usually made of natural or recyclable materials. Unlike candles, they can be left unattended without risking fire.

When it comes to the strength or potency of the smell released by the reed diffuser, it is worth remembering that the material made from the reed is almost as important as the perfume itself. Rods are usually made of rattan wood or synthetic polyamide. The latter are better for evaporation and therefore tend to be used with alcohol-free compositions to make up for their slower evaporation rate. You should also consider the thickness of the reeds. For best performance, we recommend using a rod about 3 mm thick. Thicker reeds will absorb more oil and thus emit more odors into the air, but this also means that your diffuser will consume more oil, so it will not last long.

To improve evaporation, it may be necessary to turn the sticks over, especially if they are made of wood, to prevent them from becoming clogged. In fact, over time, reeds tend to become dusty and crowded, which means they lose efficiency. You should also make sure to place the diffuser in a place with a constant flow of people to help spread the fragrance throughout the room as the air circulates.

In terms of its technical characteristics, the fragrance in the reed diffuser is usually based on alcohol or solvent, which helps to release the fragrance when it evaporates. Alcohol increases volatility, which makes the smell more pronounced. The reed diffuser can also be alcohol-free, although in this case the evaporation will be slower and tasteless, but it should also last longer.

We recommend reed diffusers for consumers who want to maintain a natural and sustained balance in household fragrances. Different from scented candles, scented candles release their aroma only when they are lit. As long as the product is left in the container, the aroma of the reed diffuser should remain stable. A 100ml reed diffuser usually lasts about a month. However, this does depend on the number of reeds used. The more the quantity, the stronger the aroma, but the shorter the duration.

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