• The majority of flight rates do not charge a change fee, so passengers who are open to a change can relax.

  • According to the JetBlue flight change policy, there is no change fee for reservations made before June 7th, 2021, for travel between August 25 and October 31, 2021.

  • Additionally, a Change Flight Fee of $100 USD per person will be charged for any flights booked on or after June 8, 2018, through August 24, 2019, and after November 1, 2021.

  • Routes between the USA, Mexico, Central America, or the Caribbean are subject to this tax. On all other routes, however, this price is 200 USD per person.

  • Under its accommodating 24-hour change policy, JetBlue doesn't charge its customers anything. When they make a request less than 24 hours after the reservation time.

  • The terms and conditions of their ticket, however, require the customers to pay any fare differences.


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