Advantages and specifications of steel structure warehouses:


1. Unlimited length

2. Lower operating costs

3. A long value at the end

4. Ideal height

5. Wireless-sized doors and windows

6. Perfect stability for Civic typhoon or hurricane

7. Open space, especially enough width

8. Simple and easy customization

9. Affordable price

10. Quick frame installation

11. High resale value

12. Steel is 100% recyclable


Columns and beams: welding live hot-rolled I-beam

Steel structure connection method: welding connection and bolt connection

Door: Rolling shutter or sliding door

Window: Plastic steel or aluminum alloy window

Surface: hot-dip galvanized live paint

The steel structure building has now become a green building, because whether it is part-time or demolished, it does not generate too much garbage. In order to ensure long-term benefits, choosing a steel structure warehouse is the best choice.

We are a steel structure building manufacturer, and we can guarantee the quality.