Copenhagen Fashion Week (the undeniable Cool Girl of all fashion weeks) is back for 2022! The city's streets are abuzz again with industry insiders, fashion lovers, photographers and more for the Fall/Winter season. As per usual, the Danes take pleasure in dressing to the next level. Instead of succumbing to the cold and gloomy weather, they brought their style A-game to brighten up the mood (literally). Don't be afraid to try bold colors too, like rich neon hues, that break away from the norm. The reboot will proceed along a non seasonal cadence. The contrast invigorated her, like an elastic band pulled tight and about to snap back with a build up of energy, she said. The last stop of Alexander McQueen Shoes the Phil Oh Fashion Week tour is Paris, and the looks he captures never disappoint. I really hope that this was the first and last fashion show that I'll miss. Leg warmers are belted just below the knee and flare out in shearlings and knits. Before ordering a new crop top, consider how your own wardrobe can be reworked. At the same time, goth aesthetics are likely to make their way into the mainstream, with Pinterest dubbing the coming trend as the goth-aissance. This feels apt with the current resurgence of our favourite gothic punk idols (we're talking to you, Avril Lavigne). It's sexy and innocent in an almost terrifying way. His vision for his new brand encompasssed body positivity, sustainability, and tech, but at its heart were the women he hoped to dress. Light blue lug soled Chelsea boots were used as a pop of color to brighten up looks made up of grey tailoring, and ocean blue rubber ankle boots contrasted pastel trousers.