When we use PC structures for personal purposes, each person wants to understand how to protect computers, because in many cases laptop structures are slowed down by antivirus attacks, many of which interfere with our work and many of our necessary archives are lost. One of the leading antivirus apps in the market aims to offer exceptional protection against viruses. BitDefender Antivirus Free edition is a free antivirus protection answer from a simple developer that provides extraordinary security to your computer. It performs an extremely exceptional feature in every diploma of PC robust security. It consists of hundreds of international clients to protect their PCs. Powerful scan tools ensure complete protection against some malware, trojans, rootkits, suspicious developer threats and spyware. It uses a number of widely used sciences to provide maximum protection against unknown threats and uses cloud scanning to monitor new and unknown threats. This can be an exceptional app for new clients as clients will usually protect their PC from malware in addition to their gadget configuration requirements.