Coping with adversity can be difficult, and not everyone feels like they're always on top of things.


Low Self Esteem:

Learned helplessness, however, goes deeper. Here are some symptoms of learned helplessness: Low Self-Esteem With learned helplessness, people feel bad and doubt their ability to accomplish even the smallest task.



People dealing with learned helplessness have a very low tolerance for frustration because they feel like things are getting out of control. They are easily overwhelmed or nervous when working on projects or interacting with people. 



People with this perspective don't put much effort into avoiding trouble or improving their chances of success. 


Lack Of Effort:

Learned helplessness can lead to procrastination and decision avoidance. People often don't try to complete projects or tasks i.e. Real Leather Aviator Jacket Mens, assuming that nothing or something good will happen if they try. 


Give Up:

Even when they start working on something, they give up relatively quickly. Learned helplessness leads to stamina problems and makes even the smallest bumps seem unbearable.