If you have a construction project and you are looking for easy, innovative and fast solutions to handle your project, contact Stop Digging. This team knows that every construction project has unique conditions and requirements. However, they ensure that their ground screws are versatile and make it possible to stably anchor projects no matter their size. 

Quality Screws 

All screws offered by Stop Digging are designed and developed in Sweden. Therefore, they can withstand the harsh Nordic climate without any hassle. Stop Digging offers screws between 580 mm to 2500 mm long, much deeper than conventional concrete foundations. Once you deal with this team, the experienced fitters will choose the right screw for your unique project and site, providing stable and long lasting foundations for your project.

Ground Screws for Every Season 

The best part is that Stop Digging can mount ground screws all year round. Whether it is cold or hot, these screws can cope with any climate as they are suitable for all conditions in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.

Affordable Prices 

Along with unmatched quality, Stop Digging also strives to offer suitable rates. They offer a fixed price per installed ground screw. However, the prices vary based on your location as well as the type of screw you need to use. There is a price calculator available on the website which can estimate the cost of the ground screws for your project. Simply try out and see the price. 

Build Gazebo with Stop Digging 

When it comes to gazebos, there are many possibilities and variants. A gazebo is a wonderful place to have a cozy coffee break when the weather is very hot. There are many possibilities with a gazebo, so whenever you decide to build a Gazebo NZ just contact Stop Digging. This team ensures to create a cozy corner of the garden. You can also use curtains, lots of pillows to sit on and have a romantic place to create awesome moments. Do not hesitate to contact Stop Digging for a Gazebo NZ and have peace of mind the professionals will create a stable gazebo. 

Rely on Stop Digging 

Stop Digging sells only industrial-grade screws with a 25-year guarantee and they meet the highest level of standards Contact this exert team and they will install screws all year round. Ground screws are also ideal for sensitive historic locations, disturbed or recently turned soils where further digging is already a risk. 

Stop Digging has screws available in different models and sizes. Therefore, whatever building project you have in your mind, their screws can handle it perfectly. Trust this team for Joist Spacing for Deck NZ be sure these ground screws provide less damage and mess to the surrounding area during the foundation stage. This ground screw installation is usually completed in a few hours causing no stress or any kind of discomfort. Isn’t that amazing? Count on Stop Digging when it comes to Joist Spacing for Deck NZ and the experts can save your valuable time building your project in no time at all.