Nowadays lot of School students do not know what is ISO Certification in Bangalore and how to get the ISO certification, the purpose of this article to make people aware of this ISO certification and how to get ISO certification.

Benefits of ISO Certification are:

  • It helps for International agreement from the other School
  • It considered a Internal system to be strong
  • This purpose is used to manage a skill level internationally
  • It also used to Get the extremity over the other School with an internationally Recognition


Procedure to get ISO certification

  • Documentation: Develop the Quality of the School with the help of the ISO Certification services in Bangalore And establish the School Quality policy and there requirements. Set the character and the responsibility of each person within the organisation. Give the awareness training to each person on the ISO 9001 requirements, Quality Policy and objective, process, procedure, criteria Teaching Plan, Organization chart of School, School Layout and Various Plan.


  • Identification of School Process: Generally the school process and containing the organisation services, candidate Process, Allocating classrooms for the students, labs, seminars, athenaeum, and also other similar spaces, Allocating the staff rooms, Assessing the performance area to the Students, Designing and developing the syllabus and course catalogues for the students, Developing the material, Hiring the administrative and the teaching staff and etc. And providing the security for the students and staff members.


  • ISO Certification Process: The process of certification body first sends the Application form in order to get the client information and about there school. And this information can be calculated and then provide the ISO Certification in Saudi Arabia

  • Technical Review or Certification decision: After collecting the information, the auditor have to prepare the report and that report as to submit the reviewers for the Technical review and then recommended for the certification. After completion of all process the certificate  will get within 10 working days.


  • Certification Cost: The ISO certification cost is not fixed and it’s different from one organisation to other organisation .The body of certification is in general practice. And certification can be derived  afther knowing the all information about the school.


  • Selection of Certification Body: There are so many Certification bodies in India but it is also important to select the best certification body who have the empowerment  from the empowerment  body  and who is  a member of the IAF. The second parameter with the end goal of choice of the ISO confirmation body is the cost of the accreditation and furthermore if conceivable the administration of the affirmation body which is however accessible to in your general vicinity/city.


  • ISO Certification Training: Generally the most of the people get the ISO Registration in Saudi Arabia training from different organisation but they are not recognized  by the body. The person should get the training from the recognized by the body that recognized body give the five days training and also provide the complete knowledge on the ISO certification that certificate is valid in worldwide


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