Bali is an island well-known for its luxury hotels for honeymooners, its surf, and for being an Australian's preferred vacation spot. However, there are many possibilities for yoga (and the yogi) in Bali, such as in a yoga hotel. I decided to travel to Bali because I always incorporate yoga, culture, and tourism into my visits.


Why is yoga so popular in Bali?

Bali, the sole Hindu island in Indonesia, shares many characteristics with the history of yoga. It is a yoga paradise where one may unwind and discover the balance of the body, mind, and spirit. Check out this article on Yoga Canggu.


And Bali has everything a yogi needs to grow in their practice: Hinduism and Buddhism are deeply ingrained in the island's way of life, and there is also a beautiful natural setting with a distinctive spirituality. It is hardly surprising that yogis and tourists have this place on their travel radar.


In this regard, Bali's tourist demand has increased enormously. Additionally, whereas it used to be simple to choose a location for your retreat, yoga, and meditation sessions, you can now find a variety of possibilities around the entire island. The selection is wide-ranging, ranging from famous yoga studios with training programs in the busiest areas to hotels and resorts with yoga lessons in remote locations.


Bali Hotel Yoga in Canggu


Bali is becoming more and more popular among yogis, both new and seasoned. And not for less, either! I'll then share with you my experiences in Bali.


My yoga encounter at a Bali hotel

Most yoga retreats and centers are in Ubud, but yoga in Canggu, which is close to Seminyak, has a hidden gem. As soon as you check-in, you'll discover the eco-hotel Desa Seni, a lovely spot to unwind, eat organic food, and practice yoga in Canggu.


This hotel has a Yoga Alliance-accredited yoga school that is recognized globally. As a result, it has a wide variety of yoga offerings, including private yoga retreats, teacher training programs, and sessions led by experienced staff.


The services are highly comprehensive and include free wifi, airport transportation, and air conditioning. The most excellent aspect of the rooms, though, was their design. They were traditional wooden cottages from Indonesia, dispersed across an ecological garden and orchard. However, the bungalow suites' design, the stunning pool, the small touches, and the attentive staff turn this into an eco-chic hotel while giving you the impression that you are in a rural village. It is the ultimate luxury for me!


The daily yoga lessons happen in two studios, the yoga mats are of excellent quality, and there is a chill-out area with water and tea. These classes are open to everyone, not just hotel guests. In addition, they give out tiny towels for yoga practice (as the weather is hot and muggy), so you can wipe the mats at the end of class so that the next student can use them right away.


After class every morning, I would request a young coconut. Staff immediately cut it so you could drink the water straight from the coconut using a glass straw (which weighs 2 kilos).


This Bali yoga hotel's restaurant serves traditional, straightforward, healthful food made with fresh ingredients. It is entirely eco-friendly, and the hotel grows over 80% of its products.


Other locations for meditation and yoga in Canggu

As mentioned, Bali has a wide range of yoga, massage, and wellness options to suit all skill levels and preferences. But there is also an island where one can find unique cultures and unbelievable natural vistas.


Ubud is the most well-known area for the practice of yoga. You may get a broad selection of goods and services at reasonable prices in the busiest locations, such as Ubud, Seminyak, or Canggu. You can practice yoga in serene settings and access adjacent leisure activities.


As you can see, Bali caters to all preferences and budgets. Take the chance to practice yoga in Canggu if you're interested. You won't regret it; I'm confident of that.


I hope now you are inspired to come to this paradise and try some yoga in Canggu!