In addition to being made from a variety of materials, fleece fabrics are versatile and have different properties. Common fleece fabrics include Pv plush fabric, Shu velveteen fabric, etc.

Below are some of the most common types of wool and their applications.

Sherpa wool - Sherpa wool is 100% polyester and is easily recognizable for its fluffy texture. As an alternative to wool fleece, Sherpa fleece is often used in linings to increase

Cotton or cotton-blend wool - mainly used for outerwear, such as sweatshirts and sweatpants. These wools have a smooth outer surface and a plush inner fleece. Cotton-blend polar fleece and polyester-blend polar fleece make it a top choice for bedding.

Polyester Fleece - The fastest growing application, polyester fleece garments have always been popular and can be identified by their smooth outer layer, plush inner layer, and shiny appearance.

Microfleece - A soft and lightweight double-sided fleece that excels at wicking moisture and retaining heat. Microfleece is the most popular choice for performance apparel.

Polar fleece -- a thicker, warmer alternative to microfleece -- allows it to retain heat more efficiently. This beneficial heat retention makes polar fleece ideal for blankets, heavy jackets, and cold climates.

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