It's not easy to keep your video content constant! Uploading content to video-sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and others on a daily or weekly basis can be time-consuming.
Additionally, releasing weekly material with the finest audio feature can be a little more costly. Right?
If that's the case, here's a great way to save money. Speechamx is a free online text to speech platform.
Speechmax is an AI-powered speech engine that converts text into speech audio files.
For your video voice overs, it's now very simple to generate expressively live audio. Know-how:

  • Create a video: To begin, write a storyline and shoot a video in sequence.

  • Make a Video Edit: Edit the video to remove the unnecessary parts. This aids in bringing out the precise context while maintaining the appropriate movie time for a viewer.

  • Get Free Voiceover from SpeechMax:-Now get voice over for free via text to speech online in just easy steps:
  1. Type/paste your text you want to convert into audio format.
  2. Now, choosing the voice-male or female depends on your content needs. Also, you can select a narrative style- happy, sad, excited that justifies the mood of your video.
  3. Now, click on the 'create audio' button to generate audio.
  4. Text to voice converter also allows you to download the audio. Just enter your email id and click on the 'download mp3' button. Now Go to your email id and get an mp3 file from there.
  • Place voiceover:  You have the best quality audio file ready. You can now place it over the edited visuals and export the video file. Now upload and share for awesome results!!!

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