Lucy Smalls, the author of "Margie Wadsworth's Unforgettable Senior Year," offers an exciting read for young adult’s fiction lovers to experience the colorful life of a high school senior.

Margie Wadsworth's Unforgettable Senior Year is an excellent fiction story on high school life for young adult who gravitate towards the genre. The book offers a personal insight into the author’s life as she excavates through life as a high school senior. Margie leads a colorful existence, acing all her classes, participating in sports, and making friends. Everyone wants to be friends with this cheerful girl who's always running around doing fun things. But, there's another aspect to Margie's life. Only those who know her exceptionally well get to see her other side. A reader can grab a copy of this thrilling novel to find out what that aspect is for themselves.

About the Author:

By day Lucy Smalls works in corporate America for a Fortune 100 company. At night, she uses her brilliant imagination and colorful life experiences to craft stories. For most of her life, Lucy has been a storyteller, writing books and plays for her family. Her debut book Margie Wadsworth's Unforgettable Senior Year is the first of many published works Lucy have already released. 

After college Lucy began working as a scientist, merging her love for stories and science to create holistic propositions for future innovations. Lucy and her husband, Jonathan, recently moved to Seattle, WA, with their three children.